Thurs., Mar. 16th - I worked at the well all day. Frank done the feeding then hauled stone and wood. Jennie brought Helen's baby home from Dragoon.

Fri., 3-17 - I finished the well. Salted all the stock, &c. Frank hauled wood all day. Lizzie and Virginia Markham nee, Mrs. … was here this afternoon.

Sat., 3-18 - We broke down the cornstalks in the bottom this forenoon. In the afternoon I set out some peach trees and Leck and Frank filled up the feedracks. I went to town for the mail in the evening.

Sun., 3-19 - Drizzling rain this morning. All went to S.S. as usual excepting Ed. Alex was over today. Wind East.

Mon, 3-20 - I ploughed till noon and Frank cut wood. In the afternoon I trimmed grapevines and cleaned out the hot bed.

Tues., 3-21 - I hauled feed. Counted and described the cattle. Frank ploughed. Windy.

Wed., 3-22 - I went to Burlingame today with a load of wheat. 27 and 40/100 bushels. At $1.15, $31.51. Frank ploughed in the east field. Windy.

Thurs., 3-23 - I took another load of wheat to Burlingame. 43 & 1/10 lbs. at $1.20 = $51.72. Frank ploughed all day.

Fri., 3-24 - I took wheat to Burlingame today. 40 & 25/60 bushels at $1.20 = $48.80. Frank ploughed in the east hill field all day.

Sat., 3-25 - Just twenty five years today since I first left home for Kansas. Frank ploughed. I done chores for Mrs. B.

Sun., Mar. 26 - Windy and warm. All hands went to S.S. review. Good turn out: 80.

Mon, 3-27 - I took a load of wheat to Burlingame. I sold 30 bu. At $1.20, $36.00, and got 10 ½ bushels into flour. Frank ploughed on the hill. Cold, with a strong north wind.

Tues., 3-28 - I fixed up the sulky plow and worked it till noon. In the afternoon we planted some early potatoes. John plowed in the forenoon. Went to A.F. &.A.M.

Wed., 3-29 - Feeding, choring, &c. Frank plowed. I went to Auburn in the evening.

Thurs., 3-30 - Frank hauled feed till noon and plowed in the afternoon. I plowed till noon, then harrowed, spread manure, &c. Went to Tungill's [?] school house.

Fri., 3-31 - I went to Topeka, Mr. Buchanan going along. Frank ploughed all day.

Sat., April 1st - I made garden and went to Mr. Jenks to get a roller. Frank plowed till noon, then worked at the garden and cleaned out the stable.

Sun., 4-2 - We went early to S.S. this morning, 9 o'clock. The services [and] U.B quarterly meeting lasted till 12:30. We went again at three o'clock. Bro. Biggs, the new M.E, preached for the first time. Alex & Jim's folks were here for dinner.

Mon., 4-3 - Windy. Frank plowed and I rolled the wheat. I set out some grape cuttings in the forenoon and [rest of page cut off in copy]

Tues., April 4th (continued) - Frank plowed and helped me to set posts. News came to us that our (Nellie) Helen Dickson nee, Thompson, was dead. Poor Nell. Little did she think that she would be the first to try the realities of the world to come. My prayer and hope is that we may meet in a better land than this, where trials, troubles, partings, and death are unknown. I wish to leave on record by [my?] belief that Nell, when she was married, was living a Christian life. She was staying a good share of her time with Jennie and I, and I know that she was a praying girl. Poor Nellie. Will we meet again? Oh, Nellie, was you ready? My heart is moved it seems to me like it never was moved before. Oh, Nellie, Nellie. Will we meet again? Did you know that you was going? So young, so sudden. God help us to always be ready.

Wed., 4-5 - This morning I went over the graveyard to dig a grave for Our Nellie. Sprinkling rain at times. Jim took Jennie and Lizzie over to Dragoon today. The funeral procession came about 4 o'clock. There was no ceremony except prayer by Mr. Harris of Dragoon. Oh, Nellie. It seems impossible _____[page torn] that you are on the hill and we here [page torn] we only meet in that better land, all [page torn] well, and you are far better off then we, for until that time of [bottom of line cut off in copy].

Thurs., Apr. 6th - I mulched potatoes today and Frank plowed. Not so windy as usual. J.T. and the boys came over tonight.

Fri., 4-7 - I finished mulching the potatoes by noon. John went back to Henry's this morning. Frank plowed and planted some potatoes. Threatening rain.

Sat., 4-8 - Had a very heavy rain during the night. Leck & I went to Topeka today. Heavy road going but nearly dry coming home. Clear. Frank cut wood at the house.

Sun., 4-9 - I went to S.S. this morning with the usual number. In the afternoon we went to church, P.C.

Mon., 4-10 - I got a load of ___ wood from the timber this forenoon and helped Father Gifford to get three bushels of seed corn (75¢, $2.25), and Frank grubbed out some peach trees and cherry sprouts in the afternoon. Frank harrowed and I plowed in the east bottom field. Cloudy, with a cold north wind.

Tues., 4-11 - It has been a cold day. Small hail fell at times. Wind East. I plowed with the sulky plow in the east field. Frank harrowed in the west field. Brown put a lot of cattle in the corral. I fed them hay.

Wed., 4-12 - I plowed with the riding plow all day. Frank harrowed all day.

Thurs., 4-13 - I went to town today to get the corn planter fixed up. I put in the whole day at town.

Fri., 4-14 - I tied up the grapes today. Frank ploughed and harrowed on the hill. The [bottom half of line cut off in copy]

________ [break in sequence] ___________

Fri., Aug. 11th - I cut grass for Jim all day. The boys helped to stack.

Sat., 8-12 - I cut grass for Jim in the forenoon and for myself in the afternoon. Lou, Leck, and Will helped Jim all day.

Sun., 8-13 - We went to S.S. in the morning. Jim's came home for dinner. Jim, Lou, and I went to the Moselle S.S.

Mon, 8-14 - I cut grass all day. Jim cut for me in the forenoon and Howard in the afternoon. Jim and Irish Jim helped stack in the afternoon. In the forenoon Lou ____. Went to town this evening. Republican meeting.

Tues., 8-15 - I cut grass all day. Jim cut in the forenoon and, with his hand, in the afternoon helped to stack. Lou worked on the side hill road till noon. Threatening rain.

Wed., 8-16 - I cut grass about ¾ of the day. Howard the same. Mel Moran went to work this morning. The boys -- Jim & Jim, Mel, Leck, Lou, Ed, &c. -- stacked hay. I went to town this evening to attend the primary meeting.

Thurs., 8-17 - Howard and I cut grass all day. The boys stacked as usual.

Fri., 8-18 - We cut grass all day and the boys stacked, the same as yesterday. Two men stayed all night. Chicago & _____.

Sat., 8-19 - Howard cut grass. The boys stacked. I went to Topeka to attend the ca___ convention.

Sun., 8-20 - We had S.S. in the grove, followed by a quarterly meeting. Had a rain around [bottom half of line cut off in copy]

Mon., Aug. 21st - Howard and I cut grass all day and the boys stacked. Quite windy at times. Pleasant for _____.

Tues., 8-22 - Howard and I cut grass all day and the boys stacked as usual.

Wed., 8-23 - Howard and I cut grass all day and the boys stacked hay.

Thurs., 8-24 - I cut grass for Jim today. The boys stacked hay for me as usual.

Fri., 8-25 - I cut grass for Jim today. The boys -- Mel, Lou, & Jim D. -- stacked hay for me till about the middle of the afternoon, then went to Jim's. Jim's Irishman, Jim Smith, quit work yesterday. Ed raked for Jim all day.

Sat., 8-26 - The boys -- Lou & John and Leck and Ed -- helped Jim D. all day in the hay. In the forenoon I went to Burlingame to mill, May, Lew, & Clare going along. In the evening I went to town to get a ______.

Sun., 8-27 - We went to S.S. as usual. Weather warm. In the evening Leck and I went over to Sixmile to get Jerome to take a letter to _____ for me regarding Sunday school work.

Mon, 8-28 - I cut grass all day. In the forenoon Lou & Mel, Leck & Ed helped Jim D. ____. In the afternoon Lou & Jim went to Burlingame. Leck cut some corn and Ed raked.

Tues., 8-29 - I cut grass all day. The boys -- Lou & Mel [bottom half of line cut off in copy]

Wed., Aug 30th - Drizzling rain in the morning. I went to Wakarusa Station to attend the 6th annual convention of the Wakarusa Valley S.S. association. I was re-elected president for the third time. The boys did not do anything today at the hay or anything else.

Thurs., 8-31 - I cut grass till noon for topping out. The boys stacked with the wagons till noon. In the afternoon we all stacked hay with the big horse rake.

Fri., Sept. 1st - I fixed up the granary this forenoon. In the evening the threshers came in time to thresh Jim's oats. Lou helped Buchanans for me. Leck helped Jim haul his oats to the ____ in the evening. Reed, Miller's, Mel, Harris, Will Buchanan helped thresh the oats.

Sat., 9-2 - We commended threshing the wheat this morning. For help I had Will B., Mel M., Miller's, Strohm, Reed, Jim D., Lou, and in the afternoon Mr. Buchanan helped me. Threshed 151 ½ bushels of fair wheat.

Sun., 9-3 - All hands went to the Station today to attend a camp meeting. Hot and dusty.

Mon, 9-4 - We finished my wheat today. In all, I had 257 bushels. For help I had Reed & the two Millers, Mel Moran, Will B., Strohm, and Jim D.

Tues., 9-5 - Lou Allen and I helped Mel Moran to thresh his oats. They got through about 3 o'clock.

Wed., Sept. 6th - I went to Topeka with a load of peaches (10 bu.). I got $1.25 per bu., $12.25. Lou Allen helped Jim with his hay today.

Thurs., 9-7 - I went to Topeka today. I had 9 bu. of peaches at $1.50 and ½ bu. at 40 cts., making $13.90. Lou Allen helped Jim all day and Mel Moran helped him in the afternoon.

Fri., 9-8 - I went to Topeka today with two loads of peaches, 17 bu., $1.25 - $21.25. Leck and Howard went with Jim's team. Jim cut grass for me in the forenoon and helped Mel haul hay (for topping) in the afternoon. Mel worked all day. Lou Allen went with me to Topeka.

Sat., 9-9 - I cut grass part of the forenoon and an hour or two in the afternoon. Jim and Mel topped out the stacks.

Sun., 9-10 - We went to S.S. this morning. A pleasant day and we had a good turnout.

Mon, 9-11 - Leck and I wired down the stacks this forenoon and topped out some more in the afternoon. Quayles were here for dinner. Mother came over today and got some peaches.

Tues., 9-12 - 19 years ago today since I got wounded at Dardanelle, Ark. I helped Jim with his hay all day. In the forenoon Leck and Ed ____. In the afternoon they helped Jim with his hay. The wind was S.W. and the HOTTEST I ever felt, cooking [bottom half of line cut off in copy].

Wed., Sept. 13th - We, the boys and I, cut corn today. Gathered some corn in the evening to feed the stock with.

Thurs., 9-14 - Leck and I went to Topeka today with Jim. We got into Topeka about sunrise. Attended the Show (4 _____) in the afternoon and went to the Veteran Quarters in the evening. Slept in a wagon at Love's livery stable.

Fri., 9-15 - Marched in the grand procession this morning and went into the ____. Stayed there till near evening. Went over to the vets' quarters. Found some 2nd Kans' boys, among them John Plummer of old company I. Took in the fireworks in the ev'ng. Slept on the ground at Love's Stable.

Sat., 9-16 - We came home this morning, Alex Melton coming with us. Got home about 11 o'clock. Picked some corn and hauled a little hay.

Sun., 9-17 - Went to S.S. as usual in the morning, to preaching in the afternoon, Jennie going along.

Mon., 9-18 - Leck and I cut corn all day. Withrow got 6 bu., 10 lbs. of wheat, at 30 cts., $5.00. Mr. Fleck got 10 bu. of wheat, $8.00. Mr. Fleck, Mae, and Frank were here for dinner. Warm and windy.

Tues., Sept. 19th - Leck and I topped out the stacks that the wind had blown. I went to look up money for the new church at Prairie Centre. I took dinner with Quayle. Went to Yeager, Alex Dickson, &c. Found Lavina at home when I got home. Had some rain with plenty of thunder and lightning last night.

Wed., 9-20 - Leck, Ed, and I cut corn all day. The corn is dry and dead. I took Lavina over to Smith's this evening, Mother Dickson going along to town. Cool and pleasant.

Thurs., 9-21 - We boys cut corn all day. Dry and dead. Not much feed in it.

Fri., 9-22 - I went to town this morning to bring Mother D. home, then I went with a party that were surveying the roads. The surveyors - Mr. Br___, Quayle, Robinson, and Henry Thompson - were here for dinner.

Sat., 9-23 - We cut corn and picked till noon. In the afternoon we gathered a load of corn, dug some potatoes, &c. In the evening I went over to the timber and brought the ____ lumber home.

Sun., 9-24 - May and I walked up to S.S. Went early. Found Dr, & Mrs. Gamble there. The Dr. reviewed the school on the ¼s last ____ came home with us for dinner.

Mon., 9-25 - We, i.e., Leck, Ed, & I, cut corn awhile, then went to picking. Mr. Howard cut corn. He got ____.

Tues., Sept. 26th - I went to Topeka today to obey an order to report as a juror. Ordered to report again Oct. 25th. Leck and Ed cut corn. Mr. Howard cut today.

Wed., 9-27 - I sowed wheat today, Jim and Will B. following with [the] five-tooth cultivator. Raining a little at times.

Thurs., 9-28 - Jim. D. & Will B. finished ploughing in the wheat about 3 o'clock. I got done sowing about the same time. Went over to Mr. Buchanans and got his vibrating harrow. Used it for an hour or two in the evening.

Fri., 9-29 - I went to Topeka today to attend the S.S. county convention. I got in Topeka by 7 o'clock (horseback). Melvin Moran harrowed in wheat for me today. We had a slim turnout at the convention but we had a good time.

Sat., 9-30 - I finished harrowing in the wheat by noon. In the afternoon we (the boys & I) hauled in the corn that the boys pulled yesterday and today. Rained a little this afternoon.

Sun., Oct. 1st - We went to S.S. as usual in the morning. In the afternoon we all went to church. Alex D. was here for supper.

Mon., 10-2 - Leck, Ed, and I dug potatoes all day. They are turning out pretty well. Charles Wolff & Mr. Hohnden stopped by. Met the school board, P.C.

Tues., 10-3 - Mr. Wolff took away the steers he bought of me (today). I sowed rye for Jim D. Took the plough ___ home in the evening to Brown and Uncle Joe ____. May and Ed went to school today. Leck dug potatoes.

Wed., Oct. 4th - Leck and I dug potatoes today. Raining this evening, not hard but gentle.

Thurs., 10-5 - We hunted hogs awhile this morning and got to work at the potatoes quite late.

Fri., 10-6 - Raining a little this morning and kept it up till near noon. In the afternoon we dug potatoes. Lew Mead came this evening and got two pigs.

Sat., 10-7 - Raining a little. I went to town this morning to take up a note for $100.00 due John W. Dyche. Raining at times all day. Mr. Todd's boys were here this evening and got 10 bu. of wheat.

Sun., 10-8 - Rained some during the night. Nice this morning. Went to S.S. in the morning and to prayer meeting in the evening. Father Withrow from Ohio (a Holy Ghost man) talked to and prayed with us in the S.S.

Mon., 10-9 - Jennie went with Jim to Topeka today. Nice and clear this morning, but cloudy in the afternoon and raining a little. Quite stormy in the evening. Jennie and Jim did not come home. I picked corn, dug potatoes, &c. preparatory to going to Lawrence tomorrow.

Tues., 10-10 - Had quite a rain during the night. Dick Gill stopped over night. Jennie got home at ten o'clock. Clear and windy morning. Soon grew cloudy. I picked some corn in the forenoon. In the evening I went up to see how they were getting along with the new church. Went to P.C. to church in the evening.

Wed., Oct. 11th - I started out this morning to see what I could get to help build the new church. I took dinner at Brown's. Went down to Snyders and came home with receiving a cent. Went to P.C. in the evening.

Thurs., 10-12 - We had a very heavy rain during church and still raining this morning. I cleaned out the stable, &c. in the forenoon and gathered some corn in afternoon. Went to P.C. in the evening.

Fri., 10-13 - I went to Burlingame this forenoon to get some flour and lumber. Mr. Buchanan went along. Clear and pleasant.

Sat., 10-14 - We, i.e., Leck, Ed, and I, finished the potatoes today. We have in all, little and big, about 100 bushels. Clear with a strong south wind. Went to P.C. in the evening.

Sun., 10-15 - I went to S.S. in the morning and church in the evening. Rained a little in the evening. Alex D. was over today.

Mon., 10-16 - I went to Auburn this morning for a road scraper. Got 5 bu. of early rose potatoes at Brown's. 60 cts., $3.00. In the afternoon I gathered a little corn. Frank Melton commenced husking corn for me today. I am to board him and give him 2 ½ cts. per bu.

Tues., 10-17 - I fixed up my stacks today, Mel Moran helping me. Father Gifford was over today to get some poles to fix a shed with.

Wed., Oct. 18th - I fixed up the wagon this forenoon and took 8 hogs to Harveyville in the afternoon. They weighed 1,935 lbs., at 7 cts. per lb.- $135.45.

Thurs., 10-19 - I took 4 more hogs over to Harveyville today, weighing 890 lbs., at 7 cts. - $62.30. Total $197.75.

Fri., 10-20 - I worked on the roads today, in the land north of the new farm.

Sat., 10-21 - Worked on the roads today. In the evening went down to Will Hibbard's. Called at Lew Mead's as I was going down.

Sun., 10-22 - We went to S.S. in the morning and all hands went to church at night. Mother D. went home with Alex today.

Mon., 10-23 - Leck, May, and Ed went to school today and all the rest of us went to Lew Mead's today to get some apples. We got 24 bu. at 50 cts. per bu. Got home late to find that Leck had the feeding and milking done and that May had supper about ready. I went to church in the evening. Crowded house. Good meeting.

Tues., 10-24 - I unloaded the apples this forenoon. In the afternoon I hauled in two loads of corn that the boys pulled last Saturday. Went to church in the evening.

Wed., 10-25 - I went to Topeka today to attend a summons as juryman. Got discharged. I saw Caleb Adams today, a schoolmate that I had not seen for 26 years or longer. Did not get back in time to go to church.

Thurs., 10-26 - I went over to S.H. Moore's today to attend a meeting of the Ex. Com. of W.V.S.S. association. Bros. Hibbard, Barker, and Counts were present.

Fri., Oct. 27th - I cleaned up the corral, or rather cleaned at it. We all went to church this evening.

Sat., 10-28 - I finished scraping up the corral today. The boys picked corn in the orchard.

Sun., 10-29 - Went to S.S. Good turn out. Pleasant day. In the afternoon we all went to church.

Mon.. 10-30 - I scraped manure till noon. In the afternoon I went to work fixing up a trough to feed the calves in.

Tues., 10-31 - I fixed up a feed rack in the hill corral today.

Wed., Nov. 1st - I went out today to see what I could get to help build the new church. I got twenty dollars on sub. Went to church at Prairie Centre in the evening.

Thurs., 11-2 - Bro. Biggs and I went to Topeka today to see about the lumber for the new church. I brought a load (2,257 ft.) to within a mile or two of home. Got out of the road. (So dark I could not see.) I got home about midnight.

Fri., 11-3 - I was till noon today getting my load to Prairie Centre and getting back home. In the afternoon I filled the racks with hay and hauled in a load of corn. Cloudy & warm.

Sat., 11-4 - We hauled in two loads of corn and gathered turnips this forenoon. In the afternoon I fixed up some broken down fence.

Sun., Nov. 5th - We all went to S.S. in the morning to P.C. Jim and Howard came home for dinner. In the evening Jim & I went up to see Alice Andis. After that I went to Auburn to try to get some oranges for Alice.

Mon., 11-6 - I lengthened out the feed rack and filled it up. Rob. Moore went to husking corn for me this morning.

Tues., 11-7 - I hauled out feed for the cattle then went to town to election. I took dinner with Quayle. Killed a hog in the evening.

Wed., 11-8 - I filled the feed racks in the forenoon and hauled some manure on the potatoes in the afternoon.

Thurs., 11-9 - I picked corn today. Warm as summer. went to prayer meeting in the evening.

Fri., 11-10 - I picked corn today. 170 lbs. Strong south wind. Warm and windy. Rob quit this morning.

Sat., 11-11 - Raining this morning. I fixed a whip for Leck. Hauled some hay to fill up the feed rack, &c.

Sun., 11-12
- We went to S.S. this morning. Quite cool. In the afternoon we went to church. Bro. Biggs preached.

Mon., 11-13 - Quite cold. 10° below 0. Clear. I filled the racks this forenoon. In the afternoon I picked corn.

Tues., Nov. 14th - I picked corn today. Quite pleasant. Clear.

Wed., Nov. 15th - This morning went up to T. Melton's to look at a stray colt with a view to appraising. Gathered corn. Young Palmer from Dragoon was here for dinner. I went to Auburn in the evening, Mel Moran and Mr. Melton going along. Maggie stopped here while we were gone.

Thurs., 11-16 - Raining this morning. Rained most of the night. Raining and snowing most of the day.

Fri., 11-17 - Filled up the feedracks and hauled up some wood. Clear.

Sat., 11-18 - Hauled feed, then Leck, Ed, and I gathered corn. Pleasant day.

Sun., 11-19 - Went to S.S. in the morning. In the afternoon Bayless and I went up to see Alice Andis. She seemed a little better.

Mon., 11-20 - I filled up the racks this forenoon and picked corn in the afternoon. In the evening I went up to Prairie Centre to attend a rehearsal for a day school concert.

Tues., 11-21 - After feeding I picked corn all day. Harvey Bayless commenced husking corn for me. I went to town this evening to A.F. and A.M.

Wed., 11-22 - Same as yesterday. Filled the feedracks and picked corn. Clear and _____.

Thurs., 11-23 - After feeding the stock I picked corn. Went to prayer meeting.

Fri., Nov. 24th - Frosty this morning. After feeding I picked corn.

Sat., 11-25 - We filled up the feedracks this forenoon. In the afternoon Leck and I went to Carey Walton's and brought home a steer that had strayed away. Drizzling rain at times. Harvey quit picking corn at noon. Too wet. Warricks came over today and got a sow - $10.00.

Sun., 11-26 - Clear. We all went to S.S. as usual. In the afternoon we went to church.

Mon., 11-27 - After feeding, went to picking corn. Harvey at it again today.

Tues., 11-28 - Clear and cloudy by turns. In the afternoon at time it snowed thick and fast. We gathered corn, the same as yesterday. Lizzie was up today. Jim went to Topeka. He got 18 ¼ bu. of wheat.

Wed., 11-29 - Frosty this morning. We gathered corn as usual.

Thurs., 11-30 - Thanksgiving, and how much we have to be thankful for. Good health in the family, good crops, every thing we need to make us happy and useful. All of Jim's was up here today ___ ___ __ cold this ___ ___ pleasant __ ___ no school ___ in the forenoon filled the racks ___ ____ gathered ___ ___ ___.

Fri., Dec. 1st - Leck stayed at home today and helped me to gather corn. Jim and Harvey husked all day. Good day for work. A trifle cool.

Sat., Dec. 2nd - Leck and I picked corn in the forenoon, Jim till noon, and Harvey all day. We finished up the east field. Harvey husked 422 bu., Frank Melton 260 bu., Bob Moore 160 bu., Jim Dickson 62, and I about 430 bu., making 1,344 bu. from about 23 acres of ground, about 58 ½ bu. per acre. Quite frosty this morning. I paid 3 cts. per bu. for husking and boarded the hands.

Sun., 12-3 - Went to S.S. this morning. To S.S. In the afternoon I went up to see Mrs. Andis. Sick folks, Alice and Liza.

Mon., 12-4 - I filled the feed racks, got up a load of wood, &c.

Tues., 12-5 - Misting rain this morning. Leck and I went to Topeka. Wind South. Pleasant. We got home about 9 o'clock at night.

Wed., 12-6 - Clear and cloudy by turns. In the forenoon the wind was South, and about 11 o'clock we had a North Wester, snowing and blowing. Grew cold very fast.

Thurs., 12-7 - Cold and clear. 3° below 0 at sunrise, 7° above 0 at sun set. Done nothing but feed the stock and cut a little wood. Mr. Winchell was here for dinner.

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