One-Way Ticket to Kansas, the autobiography of Frank M. Stahl, as told and illustrated by Margaret Whittemore. University of Kansas Press, 1959. Transcribed by John D. Meredith


c. In the 1850 census there are two Martins living fairly close to the Stahls. One is Jacob Martin (age 33) and the other is George Martin (age 31), both born in Pennsylvania.

d. There are several Recks listed in the 1850 census for Adams township (Eli, John, Michael, Samuel, and William), but I have been unable to find anyone named George Reck. None of the Recks listed is identified as a carpenter.

e. The reference here to Jack Dempsey is problematic. In boxing, there were two men with that name. The first one was born in Ireland in 1862 and died in 1895 in Oregon. Clearly, he would have been too young to have been the person in this story. The second Jack Dempsey, "The Manassa Mauler," was not born until 1895. Frank refers to the person here as the "original" Jack Dempsey, but it is not possible to tell whether Frank is thinking of a different fighter altogether or whether this is an unusual bit of "color" added to his narrative and may not have occurred at this particular time.

f. Jennie Dickson Stahl died in September, 1917 at the age of 70.