Some documents about the Merediths in this family line

A detailed and indexed history of my branch of the Meredith family, starting in Virginia, moving through North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and ending up in Kansas. (54 page PDF file)

James Meredith (abt. 1715 - 1790)

1) Rev. Wm. Douglas's record of baptism of two sons (Samuel, 1760 and Daniel, 1762) in Goochland County, VA;
2) Will, Surry County, NC, 1790 - image and transcription;
3) Image of estate inventory, 1790; transcription of estate inventory
4) Will of his wife, Mildred, Surry County, NC, 1796 - image and transcription.

William Meredith (son of James) abt. 1742 - 1825)

1) Rev. Wm. Douglas's record of baptism of one son (James, 1765) and one daughter (Fanny, 1767) in Goochland County, VA;
2) From the book The Patriots at Kings Mountain (Moss, 1990), a short sketch based on 19th century sources. The battle of King's Mountain was a significant victory over Loyalist militias in 1780. The information about William's military participation is accurate. The rest has not been verified.
3) Will, Adair County, KY, 1825 - image and transcription;
4) Estate inventory, Adair County, KY, 1825: image and transcription

Daniel Meredith (son of William), abt. 1780 - 1846

1) Marriage record to Mary (Polly) Hudson, Pulaski County, KY, 1814 (Marriage Record Book 1, part 1, p. 35)
2) Probate information, Decatur County, IN

James Meredith (son of Daniel), abt. 1814 - 1891

1) Record of marriage to Margaret Nation, Rush Co., IN, 1842
2) Land purchase in Knox County, Missouri, 1848
3) Death notice, Topeka, KS, 1891

Francis Marion Meredith (son of James), 1847 - 1905

1) Civil War pension file
2) Record of marriage to Susannah Carter, Wabaunsee Co., KS, 1870
3) Obituary in local paper, 1905
2) Tombstone