Some documents about the earliest identified Merediths in this family line

As of April, 2020, a comprehensive indexed history of a branch of the Meredith family that started in Virginia and ended up in Kansas.

James Meredith (abt. 1715 - 1790)
1) Rev. Wm. Douglas's entry for baptism of two sons of James and Mildred in Goochland County, VA, 1760 and 1762;
2) Will, Surry County, NC, 1790 - image and transcription;
3) Image of estate inventory, 1790;
4) Will of his wife, Mildred, Surry County, NC, 1796 - image and transcription.

William Meredith (son of James, abt. 1742 - 1825)
1) Rev. Wm. Douglas's entry for baptism of one son and one daughter of William and Ann in Goochland County, VA, 1765 and 1767;
2) From the book The Patriots at Kings Mountain (Moss, 1990), a short sketch based on 19th century sources. The battle was a significant victory over Loyalist militias in 1780. The information about his military participation is accurate. The rest has not been verified.
3) Will, Adair County, KY, 1825 - image and transcription;
4) Transcription of estate inventory

Daniel Meredith (son of William, abt. 1780 - 1846)
1) Probate information, Decatur County, IN. It was one of Daniel's sons, James, who moved to the Topeka area in Kansas.